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On Saturday night my dad and I attended your Wellington concert in Upper Hutt. We were celebrating my dad's 73rd birthday - afterwards he declared it was the best birthday he has ever had!
My dad grew up in the Elvis generation. His fondest Elvis memory was when he was 18 years old at the Wellington premier of Jailhouse Rock. As the music played throughout the movie everyone in the cinema jumped out of their seats and began dancing in the isles. The next day local newspapers were buzzing with headlines like "raucous youth take over cinema", and "Elvis causes teenage riot". If that's what they thought was rebellious behaviour I'd hate to think what their thoughts would be on today's generation!
Your concert was spectacular. As an Elvis fan I appreciated the variety of songs you sang including some of his lesser known songs. My highlight was your rendition of Unchained Melody, it was the most soulful performance of the song I have ever heard. I also loved watching the joy on the faces of the older ladies in audience who went weak at the knees when you gave them a scarf - I was worried some of them were close to having a stroke or cardiac arrest!
Basically, the purpose of this email is just to say thank you for what you do. You created an atmosphere that was filled with so much fun, happiness, and joy. 
Your performance allowed people like my father and others from the older generation to re-live their youth for a few precious hours. It also allowed younger people like me (in their 20-something's) to temporarily exist in a decade that we never got to experience first hand. 

Megan - New Zealand 2015