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Hi all I was at the Peterborough performance Friday night I’ve been wanting to see Ben for a few years now last time he came to Peterborough was the day I was going on holiday so missed out so was great to get a ticket this time 
I have seen a few elvis tributes but I have to say Ben was definitely the best and I mean by a long way 
I’m a really big elvis fan and some people think I’m a bit crazy the way I love his music 
So once again I would just like to say well done all it was great to be part of it Friday night 
Keep the elvis magic alive 
Many thanks 

Steve Ford - Peterborough - Feb 2019

I went to Peterborough last night and was completely blown away by Ben, he looked like Elvis and sounded just like him. What an amazingly enjoyable evening we had. I am definitely a fan. 

Maxine - Peterborough Feb 19

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a wonderful evenings entertainment tonight.
The whole thing was exceptional, a very talented band and Ben of course is very accomplished.
I really liked the fact that some real personality was put into the occassion.
I wish you all very well for your upcoming shows and look forward to seeing you back in Peterborough down the line. I'll look out for your next visit, and I'll maybe look at making it a customer event for a group of my customers and their partners.
Well done all, you've made my wife happy (which is more than I have managed for a long time, only joking) and created a lovely start to the
Off to see Bryan Adams
next weekend. I'll be chuffed if that show reaches the levels of happiness tonights did. All the best!

Melvin - Feb 19 - Peterborough

As a musician myself playing in a Glam Rock band and being an ELVIS fan all my life I ventured to the Epic Studio's in Norwich to see yet another ELVIS tribute act, but was I blown away, the whole night was amazing we watched Ben Portsmouth give what can only be described as a true to life performance, ELVIS Presley was in the building! loved it would highly recommend.

John Cramer - Norwich Feb 19

I will keep it brief. Simply better than all the rest! Thank you for another wonderful performance in Nottingham on 26/11/2018. Looking forward to Bradford 2019.  

David and Caroline

David Pearson - Nottingham Nov 18

I have seen Ben twice now in Nottingham and just wanted to say how wonderfully he portrays Elvis. I have loved Elvis for many years and it still saddens me now that he is no longer with us but watching Ben's show is most definitely the next best thing. He was so like Elvis in every way, and for a couple of hours I was doing the one thing I will always regret not being able to do - seeing Elvis live in concert. Ben is amazing as Elvis and he does him proud.

Yvonne - November 18 - Nottingham

Hello, just been to see you in Halifax, absolutely brilliant !
I am a massive Elvis fan, but not a fan of tributes as don't feel they do him justice, your act has just proved me wrong !
My only criticism, but not really a criticism is that you didn't sing my favourite ever and our walking down aisle wedding song THE WONDER OF YOU !
We are now booking for Huddersfield on 8th Feb 2019, please please would you consider singing it there ?
Great show xx

Michelle/Halifax - November 18

I've Seen a lot of ETAS. Oh Lord Ben Portsmouth has it All!!!!! I've seen only 2xs this year....but Already planning to see him in London ...this man has got me traveling out of the States. love those dimples. . Love when he calls me Ann Margret

Pamela Rose - Oct 18

I Just Want to Thank you For Doing Elvis So, So Well!! I could never watch the other impersonators because they just didn't cut it. I'm just So Sorry it took me this long to Find You!! I've Followed Elvis when I was a kid. He died when I was just 19 yes. Old I'm 60 Now but always loved Elvis Until 6 months ago I started going on YouTube & finding his concerts & music again. Ben, You Are Totally Awesome!! I Hope to be able to See you in Person. Your Greatest Fan, Michele Clifford

Michelle - September 2018

Hello, I was lucky enough to see Ben perform for the second time on Wednesday 19th September at the Anvil in Basingstoke. I am struggling to find the words that would do him justice! He was absolutely phenomenal and as before, left me wanting more! Ben is so much more than an Elvis tribute act and it is very clear to see that he has so much respect for Elvis and his music. Everything from the singing, the moves and of course, the outfits are identical to the real thing! And I love that pictures of Elvis are shown throughout the performance. Ben's attention to detail is so impressive. He sang my favourite Elvis song, If I Can Dream, which gave me goosebumps! I think I had goosebumps through the entire show. And hearing Ben sing Nessum Dorma was sheer heaven. I could listen to him sing that all night! 
He is such a nice, down to earth man who has an amazing, unbeatable voice. Just as Elvis did. 
Thanks for such a memorable evening.
I can't wait to see the show again!

Michelle - Basingstoke - September 2018

I felt I just had to send an email to say how much I enjoyed the show last night at The Anvil in Basingstoke. Ben is without a doubt the greatest Elvis Impersonator ever!!!!!! A friend saw him recently and then noticed the date in my home town and told me I just had to go! I am so very glad I did!!!!!!

Ben's performance was breathtaking! As I was at the back of the auditorium I was gutted I didn't get to try for a scarf ☹️ but it did mean I could spend the night standing up dancing to the best Elvis in the business without being in anyone's way so always a shiny side! 

Like Ben, I grew up listening to Elvis ( although older than Ben ) as my grandmother was an avid and loyal fan to her dying day and always had his music playing. Last night brought back some very happy memories of a much loved Nan. 

I do hope you can pass my comments onto Ben. I have joined the fan club and WILL definitely come to see him again. 
Kind regards 
Denise Lay 

Denise - Basingstoke - September 18

I saw Ben depict Elvis in Basingstoke yesterday. I was totally overwhelmed with his performance his mannerism demeanor everything about him was as if he had the Elvis gene. I’ve been a fan of the King from being about 10 years old and have never wanted to see a tribute act in case it was poor. I felt I was watching the man and it was a bit emotional. You are a terrific entertainer and so much so I’m bringing my husband to see you in Bath. 
Thank you for such a special night. Lyn xxx

Lynda - Basingstoke - September 2018

Traveled to York from Birmingham to see Ben Portsmouth. 
Absolutely amazing performance.

What an experience. I've seen many Elvis acts. This incredible performance experience is not to missed.
I'm a true Elvis fan Ben, Elvis would admire and appreciate your work thanx for the opportunity to be with Elvis for a night.

Paul Whale - York - September 2018

Saw Ben at York Barbican last night 8th September 2018, best show I have ever seen and the nearest thing to Elvis anyone will ever see, Thanks it was brilliant, just been looking through the tour dates to book again!!

Elaine Elliis - York - September 18

OMG, Saw the show last night 5/9/2018 at the Beck theatre Hayes. Ben was Phenomenal, the best Elvis impersonator I have every seen. The whole show was brilliant, Fabulous

Elizabeth - Hayes - Sept 2018

Just wanted to say that I saw your show for the first time last night at The Brighton Centre. I've been an Elvis fan for 46 years and I thought you were amazing and so incredibly 'Elvis', to the point I shed a tear or two during the evening.

I was so impressed, that during the interval last night, I booked online to see your show at The
Hawth , Crawley on 1st February.

Bye for now - looking forward to February.


Jan Cook

Jan Cook - September 2018

Saw Ben and taking care of Elvis for the first time tonight and was totally blown away by it. I missed the actual King as my parents annoyingly had me two years late but I can’t imagine he was any better than this... the show was incredible and the humour Ben puts into it is worth the entry fee alone. All of the group are incredible musicians and the whole evening went by too fast. If you come back to Jersey again I promise I’ll be there. I’ll try to sing a little quieter as well so as to not drown you out!

Paul - Jersey - August 2018

Hey Ben! A fabulous evening at Arena Birmingham (not Alabama!) last night and your performance and attention to detail was the best we have ever seen. Being huge Elvis fans anyway, we have seen other acts that have been very good but you, the band, the girls, everyone surpassed all expectations.... have to rope in some other great fans and friends and hope to re-book for Nottingham later in the year - An excellent night, truly brilliant !

Dan & Jacqui - Birmingham April 2018

 WOW!!!!! Saw Ben and the band in Birmingham last night (Sunday 29th April) and I was completely in awe. He looks like Elvis, moves like Elvis and at one point I closed my eyes and I swear it was The King on that stage. I had shivers down my spine throughout the show and quite frankly I now have a bit of a crush. To everyone involved thank you so very much, this was a birthday treat from my mum and you made it a wonderful memory for us both. Now to book flights to Malaga......... xx

Jo Smith - Birmingham April 2018

Hi Ben & all the team,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your performance last night at the Grimsby Auditorium , I have grown up with the music of Elvis seen many tribute shows and even been lucky enough to spend time in the Green room with Ronnie Tutt , who wrote a message on my chest which is now tattooed on so I guess you could say i'm a big fan !! Anyway I guess what I am writing this message for is just to say what an amazing show you guys have put together and what an amazing talent you have along with i'm sure a lot of hard work and dedication. I'm confident this is the closest thing we will ever seen to watching The king perform .
Thanks again for giving my wife and myself a night to talk about and remember for a long time to come ,Keep up the good work !! hope to see you again soon ,
Craig & Marianne

Craig & Marianne - Grimsby April 2018.

I thank you as I always throughly enjoy watching and listening to Ben Portsmouth! so much! yes Ben! what a new discovery for me,as an Elvis Presley! fan for a long time. Been waiting for an English Elvis ever since Elvis Presley may infact left us. And at last, here he is! Ben! is very multi talented.verysweet, and down to earth. Thank you,thank you, very much for bringing Elvis! back to life!!! I realize that Ben! is in a whole different league than that of any other ETA's are doing,but to mei can't and won't even compare them,for ben! there is no comparison! he wins each time, just listen and watch him play the Guitar and sing. And also he plays the piano and sings "Unchained Melody" just like Elvis! did,if you listen and watch him and pay close attention you will agree that he is the best! my two male favorite music singing artist today is Ben! & Elvis! & always will be.I am real gone on Ben! & Elvis! ,pitch perfect! total voice control and command...of high register vocals and incredible vibrato,baritone,alto,and tenor... Ben i would think he has 3 and a half octaves beautifully unique! pure perfection Ben has a special gift that he is sharing with us,and he creates an illusion giving his fans what they want...these two men are fabulous kings of rock "n" roll...and they will never fade away...thank you for keeping Elvis's legacy going strong Ben Portsmouth! may you have many years of success in your career as Elvis and as yourself ahead of you God Bless You!!!

Jeff Wilson - April 2018

Saw Ben in "Sarfend" last night and he was on fire.  What a show!  Absolutely amazing performance from Ben and the band.  Fantastic atmosphere from an audience who clearly loved Ben and the music.  This is now the fourth time I have seen Ben and I think this was my favourite show to date.  Perhaps because it was in my home town.... but the personal touch that Ben gave to the show with his sense of humour, good nature, not forgetting the Essex jokes actually all added to the overall experience.  Perfect!  Until next time......

Caroline - Southend - March 2018

Hi Ben /TCE band. Saw the show for the first time in Newcastle last night. To be honest I didn't know what to expect however let me say the show was absolutely brilliant. All the musicians were fantastic and the show was well put together. If I didn't know any better I would say someone has been telling me lies since 1977 because last night Elvis was in the building. Ben absolutely nailed it and I look forward to seeing the show again.

Stephen Green - Newcastle - March 2018

Good morning I would just like to say thank you for an amazing night my dad is a massive elvis fan has been since he was younger he's now 56 he came to see Ben last night and he got in the car and started crying as Ben had given him goosebumps and was shocked at how much he resembled and sang like elvis he said he had waited 41 years for this and because of Ben my dad was the happiest I ever saw him last night please thank him so much for making my dad happy Samantha 

Samantha - Bridlington - March 2018

Last nights performance was phenomenal, by far the best Tribute I have ever seen. The musicians, backing singers, sound and lighting were all amazing and Ben gave it his all on that stage and gave the audience more than their money's worth! He is the King! What an experience and thank you so much for a great night, I will definitely be booking tickets again and telling all friends!

Morgan David Rees - Newport - Feb 18

Just got back from seeing Ben at Tunbridge Wells. Ben, you just get better and better, you were absolutely brilliant tonight. I look at all the Elvis acts on You Tube, and none of them, even the supposed best, are a patch on you,.
I've done the closing the eyes test, listening to comparisons of you ,Elvis and another impersonator, and i can pick them off straight away!, but i can only just tell the difference between you and Elvis, you are that good. When I met you at a meet and greet ,I said that it was like Elvis was channelling through you, he certainly picked the right person in you. Thank you so much for what you do for all of us Elvis fans , we love you!

Joy Braybrook - Tunbridge Wells - Feb 18

Dear Ben & T.C.E


We attended the concert at Margate Winter Gardens on Saturday February 10, what a truly fantastic night Ben, you are an amazing tribute to Elvis King of Rock & Roll it really felt as though Elvis was in the building it put shivers up and down the spine. At one point my daughter had her hands in the air and could feel your energy through her palms. We also want to thank you for inviting one of our party on stage Rebecca’s Godmother Lynn Crow who sat on the chair as you looked in her eyes and sang to her, Lynn is still sitting on cloud nine this morning. We have read the official souvenir guide from cover to cover several times and just love the  part of you being humble and keeping your feet on the ground, you prove this to be true with the audience interaction that you do during your show, not only you Ben have been blessed with your ability to provide such a wonderful tribute but all of us in the UK who have had a chance to feel the spirit of the King at your concerts are truly blessed as well.


You further showed your commitment to your fans as you and Dougie were leaving the Winter Gardens when we were still waiting for our taxi; after a full on performance you let us tell you how much we had enjoyed the show, signed our programs and kissed us good bye.


We all wish you the very best for the rest of your tour, if we win the lottery we will come and see you in the USA!!!! God bless you Ben and all T.C.E, please visit the Winter Gardens Margate again soon.


Your most Sincerely


Lynn Crow, Rebecca Drewett and Rebecca mum Lynne

Lynn - Margate - Feb 18

Wow wow wow. Saw Ben as Elvis on 10th Feb at Margate. Definitely Elvis reincarnated and what a wonderful sense of humour. Can’t wait to see him again. Love to Ben and all the TCE team. X

Mandy - Margate - Feb 18

My wife and I saw Ben at Margate Winter Gardens last night. Ben and his band brought a fantastic show to Margate. Absolute sunshine on a cold, wet February evening. In a word - superb. 

Timothy Ingleton - Margate - Feb 2018.

I just wanted to say that Ben was absolutely fantastic at the Frankston Arts Centre. My friends and I all had a wonderful time and we all couldn't believe how close he was to Elvis and we think he somehow channels him. One of my friends is an Elvis impersonator and he was really impressed with Ben's talent and professionalism! Keep up the great work and we are wondering whether or when Ben will be returning to Victoria and Frankston in the future???? Thank you again for the brilliant show and I have spread the word around to friends and people who haven't heard of Ben. Some of them have been on YouTube  and they really want to see him perform. Anyway, Cheers to you and  kind regards from Brendan Dearsley in Frankston.

Brendan - Australia - Jan 2018