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I would just like to say that I attended the show last night and I am still lost for words. I am a huge Elvis fan and not really impressed by so called Elvis impersonation acts, however, Ben has blown my mind. Sadly I was too young to see Elvis but I religiously watch his concerts, and I felt like I was at an Elvis concert last night. Truly amazing! 
Thank you for coming to Grimsby and please come back!!! 
Simon Lidgard

Simon - March 2017

I saw Ben and the band last night at The Civic Theatre in Halifax. WHAT A PERFORMER, absolutely amazing. I closed my eyes and I heard Elvis singing (I know it sounds corny but Ben sounds just like him). The Band and lighting crew also made a massive contribution to the success of the night. First time seeing Ben but will definitely see him again. Worth every single penny!

Sue Laycock - Halifax March

I would like to thank Ben for his Coventry performance. This thank you also goes out to everybody involved in the creation of the most amazing Elvis experience out there. To recreate vocally and musically what this would have been like if you were too young to see the man himself is a big mountain to climb. Ben you reached the top and you can and will only keep climbing. Talent like you and your musical family needs to continue. Utmost respect to you all xx

Julie Adams - Coventry March 2017

I have to write and let you know that we went to see Ben last night at Rhyl Pavilion with my husband. What a brilliant night we had and what a brilliant performer he is.The biggest compliment that I can pay him is that after Elvis himself, Ben is the next best thing that we have ever seen or heard.
I hope that if Ben does another tour he comes back again somewhere close to where we live near Wrexham in North Wales
Please pass on our thanks to Ben and everyone else involved including the band/ backing singers etc for a brilliant night
Kind regards
Diane and Andy Johnson

Diane & Andy - Rhyl Feb 2017

Saw Ben last night in Rhyl, travelled all the way from Coventry to see him, never really been an Elvis fan, came with my mum as she is a big Elvis and Ben fan. Well what can I say, I am a total convert, Ben you was fantastic, I was front row and even got a scarf. I will definitely be seeing you again and again. Thank you for a wonderful night. Xx

Tracey Day - Rhyl Feb 17

Third time this year we have seen Ben. Tonight at Bradford Alhambra. A superstar. When Elvis left the building Ben walked in. And that's not disrespectful. Ben isn't just a tribute act. He is something very special. Tribute acts simply don't get the audience reaction that Ben gets. Charismatic and voice perfect with god given Elvis looks. Anyone thinking about going to see Ben in concert...dont think ...just do it. Phenomenal !

David Pearson - Bradford 2017

I recently saw Ben At Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall for the very first time, I have been an Elvis fan all my life and never was interested in any Elvis tribute acts or performers but then found a link to Bens FB fan group, I felt drawn to listened to Youtube video's and within a week I had booked up for Tunbridge wells and Crawley.I was so shocked at hearing him and seeing all his mannerisms that I had to see him live. When he came on stage and the spotlight came on I was stunned. I had one of the best evenings of my life to see someone who is 99% as close to Elvis. I was lucky enough to see him close up as he came right to the edge of the stage. Now I'm one of many fans.

Mary - Feb 2017

i had heard a lot of Ben but never saw him live till the 25th of november 2016 in antwerpen belgium stadsschouwburg. i was blown away!!! he was beter then i could dream and it felt like the real Elvis was on stage. he realy got to me. Ben you are AMAZING!!! i will do my best to follow your gigs as much as i can. coming to london march 4 th specially to see you on stage again. keep on doing this great work. keep our Elvis alive and most of all keep being the beatiful , amazing, talented artist you are. can't wait to have a collection Ben cd's like i have my colletion Elvis cd's ( that are about 150 cd's ;-) ) 
rock 'n'roll and have a great wonderfull 2017 !

Inge - January 2017

What can I say that others haven't! I got the last seat in the house at Eden Court, Inverness to see Ben after vascillating if I could cope with seeing an Elvis tribute artist but OMG was he worth it!! I was an Elvis fanclub member in my teens, I cried and ran home form schools the day he died, I lived and breathed and sang Elvis ( now a retired singer and voice coach) and I visited Memphis and Graceland. Elvis for me was the ultimate artist, singer, performer and no-one can touch him ever - irreplaceable. So I sat at Bens concert and I was not only astounded at his vocal ability, musicianship and image, but in awe of the persona of Elvis that Ben carries on stage. If you believe in reincarnation he could be Elvis back here right now!! I recommend him to everyone I know and although I will be leaving the UK for a while, if he can gig in Norhern Greece I would love to get my Greek friends out to see him. Keep the King alive Ben! Your performances are the next best thing to the real King! I gave you a standing ovation with the rest of the audience that night and it was a pleasure to talk with you and have my photo with you. God Bless you and your talent. 

Hilary - 25th Dec, 2016

I'm one of those people who doesn't do Tribute Acts for anyone. I have always been a case of the real thing or not at all. 
My best friend had been to see you in 2016 and is a massive Elvis fan. It was he who said I should really go see you. 
My wife and I had a look on YouTube and were absolutely staggered just how incredibly accurate your performance was and checked for dates immediately. 
We were lucky enough to see you were performing at the Dunfermline Alhambra and booked tickets immediately(front row) . 
A year to wait, but my God was it worth the wait. 
My friend who had recommended you was in the next seat to me, and albeit I was already sold on your incredibly accurate portrayal of Elvis, I kind of had that cemented having such a huge Elvis fan next to me simply appreciate what we were all seeing. 
I'm by no means a big Elvis fan, but I think what you do and more so how brilliantly you do it is just perfect for those who weren't lucky enough to see the real Elvis. 
Thank-you for a magnificent tribute and especially for those who would have given so much to see the real thing and to be fortunate enough to see you do Elvis justice. 
All the best 'Elvis' 

Steven & Linda McCue. 

Steve & Linda November 2016

Myself and my mum went to see Ben at the 02 academy in Newcastle upon Tyne for the first time. Words cannot describe how talented this man is. We actually felt as if we were watching Elvis himself. Absolutely unreal. Please please play up here again next year or even within the North East area. I have been singing and smiling all day at work. Thank you very much! ! 

Kellie Jo Wood - 12th November, 2016

We are going to see Ben in Leeds tonight. We just had to after being fortunate enough to see him perform in Birmingham this year. Words don't do this artist justice. He is not a tribute act....he is uniquely talented and he does take very good care of Elvis. Thank you Ben for giving us the dream.

David Pearson - 13th November, 2016

OMG, I saw Ben last night at Aldershot, my first time seeing him, and I wasn't disappointed. We have booked again for his next show in Nov 2017. He is an amazing talented young man, giving 110% to his performance and audience. Congratulations Ben you are a credit to Elvis

Paula Clinch - 17th November, 2016

I saw Ben and his fantastic team last night at Cardiff. What a great all round performance !!! .Possibly the best stage performance i have seen.( I am an oldie so i have seen Quite a few in my time.}Watching the reaction of the girls and women I get the impression that Ben Portsmouth has become more than an Elvis impersonator, he appears to have the same sort of charisma as Elvis... that transcends impersonation. And THAT is very special.. GREAT How about a show in Bristol.?

Mike of Bristol - 18th November, 2016

Just to say I have been an Elvis fan for 40 years, I've seen quite a few tribute acts in my time ,some good some really poor..... BUT by far Ben Portsmouth IS the best I've ever seen I saw him in Cardiff last night the voice is one thing but its the mannerisms that won me over , Ben had them down pat, the little things made me believe I actually could be watching Elvis, the hand gestures the sideway looks the way he held onto his belt even the way he bent down , but the magic moment for me was when he sat at the piano and sang Unchained Melody just as Elvis did in his last concert halfway through the song Elvis glances at the audience with that Elvis grin, Ben did that exact same grin ......now that attention to detail !
Ben , I salute you, may god bless you, adios
thanks for keeping the King alive

Chris - 18th November, 2016

Saw Ben at Wycombe Swan last night. I have been to Gracelands, got the records and films but the one thing I cant do is see Elvis in concert. I felt I had that last night. Ben was amazing. It felt like Elvis was there on stage. You were excellent and I hope that I will get the opportunity to see you again. 

Dawn - September 2016

Hi my wife and I came to see you last night at the Swan in high Wycombe, I have to say that I have been an Elvis fan for decades and there's nothing I don't like about  the man but you are something else , the closest thing to the king himself. Your voice is as exceptional  as his was , I thought Elvis was back for an evening only.

Thanks again for an excellent three hours of my life,  long live the king and long live Ben Portsmouth, 

yours sincerely Stephan

Stephan Germain - September 2016.

I have worked at this theatre for over 10 years and I have to say that is the best show I have ever seen. From beginning till end it was just magnificent . Ben is so very talented and what a voice , and the band were just out of this world .

Ray - Usher at Wycombe Swan - 24/09/16

I saw Ben tonight at the Wycombe Swan theatre for the second time this year. He is a superb young man with a fantastic voice and whether you have your eyes open or closed you could believe it was Elvis himself on stage! I had a job reminding myself that it wasn't Elvis as Ben, as Elvis, is so very realistic and believable. Long may he continue to so magnificently honour the King of Rock, thus keeping his memory alive for future generations. Great performance Ben.

Sandra Byrne 24/09/16

We were on the front row last night at Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham. Phenomenal performance. We have already booked Nottingham on the strength of that. This is far more than a tribute act ! - Well done. The band and singers are also great

Jim Mckinley - Sept 2016

Since I was a child, I loved Elvis songs. Like Ben, I grew up listening to music and watching Elvis’ movies on TV.
Last year, because of Elvis Week and some tributes on his thirty-fifth anniversary, I bought tickets to Ben Portsmouth’s concert in Porto Alegre. Unforgettable day!
I didn’t know Ben, and I was very anxious to watch his presentation. When I saw Ben, I shivered because his likeness and voice … they looked like the same person.
I, as an Elvis’ fan, almost had a heart attack. I immediately loved Ben.
I haven’t stopped thinking about it since that event, in
October, 2012. His concert was amazing, he’s very talented and his stage performance was wonderful.
I went on his second show, in April this year, when he came back in Porto Alegre.
This time, I spoke with him to show my admiration
to his work and that I loved him.
During the show, I felt like I was in front of Elvis, of so perfect the performance on stage. Very nice it.
Now, I am both’s fan. Elvis and Ben will be in my heart forever.

Nov, 2013.

Leanne - Porto Alegre, Brazil

When I was younger I lived and breathed Elvis. As I grew older my music taste changed, although Elvis was still in the mix. Then in October of 2013, while visiting an oldies site, I happened to notice an ad for Elvis on You tube. I clicked on it and there with Elvis was a video of an ETA named Ben Portsmouth on the David Letterman Show. I had no idea what an ETA was so I clicked on it and the world stopped for me! I was so totally enthralled with what I was seeing and hearing that I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I knew without a doubt that I was seeing someone very special. I started following Ben and watching his videos and I just couldn't get enough. The musical talent, his voice, his looks, his charisma and stage presence were phenomenal. I watched Ben grow as an entertainer as well as a man and it has been remarkable. I finally got to see him live September 12, 2014, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (GTA, as Ben says). The only way to explain the feeling of the audience that night is electrified! From beginning to end that building was charged with so much energy you could feel it rolling off the stage and into the audience. It must have been like that to have seen Elvis. After the show, Ben stayed and signed autographs and took pictures with his fans. My family and I were at the end of the line so we got to spend just a little more time talking with Ben. He's a down to earth, this is me, kind of person. Very respectful, kind and funny. Ben and Aysha had breakfast with me and my family the next morning and he and I talked like we had been friends forever. It was a weekend I'll never forget! Ben and his shows keep getting better and better. If you haven't seen him yet, you have to do so. You will be so grateful you did! There's just no other experience like it!!

Pat Holmes - Canada

I have been an Elvis fan for 47 years,and up until I saw Ben,no one came even close.He is the closest you will ever get to Elvis' performance.He also has the mannerisms spot on.He doesn't 'cheat' on those hard to hit notes.And,he has what all the others lack,charisma !...In one word....AMAZING !.

Vicki - July 2015

When Elvis left the building for good , he left the door ajar and Ben entered! Ben has captured the essence of Elvis. His good looks, his voice, his unique style, his movements and most importantly his humbleness!! I saw Elvis perform many times and seeing Ben perform brings back those exciting memories of the King! The younger generation is experiencing Elvis through Ben! Continued success to Ben as he certainly deserves it! Thank you, Elvis Presley, and Thank you Ben Portsmouth..........

Dotty - July 2015

The first time I saw Ben Portsmouth in person was in 2013 in Memphis. I was very excited before he came on stage. When he came out, everyone was screaming before he even started singing. I thought I was really seeing the real Elvis. Ben is truly the whole package with all of Elvis's assets.

Beverley - July 2015

I been a huge Elvis fan since I was a kid. Unfortunately I was never able to see him personally and truthfully after he passed I really felt as though that was a dream I could never fulfill. My husband and I married at Graceland and that was amazing but I still missed never being able to experience Elvis in concert. A couple of years ago a family member sent me Ben youtube video from the David Lettman show and I was hooked! Other impersonators and tribute artists didn't impress me, but Ben is the real deal. Saw him in Vegas last year at the King of Hearts event and he was outstanding as a person and a performer. He recently made his way to Florida I was able to see him again. The nicest person and a truly amazing tribute artist. I bought his CD and I don't know why he doesn't have another and longer one. His passion shines through his voice! We had to cancel and plans to see him again in Memphis as my job is being eliminated and I am very disappointed but fortunate to have lived me dream! He is truly awesome and I recommend everyone who has the opportunity to see him does it. Don't wait!!!

Tracey from Florida - July 2015

I have seen Ben twice now and can't wait to see him again in April in Ottawa! I have seen Ben in Texas and Ottawa. When I met him in Texas for his concert I was so happy and thrilled to have met someone that I admire so much! What he does is so amazing, he is the most talented singer and musician! When I saw him on stage it was just magical, he brought Elvis back to us and I knew this must have been what it was like to see Elvis! Since I was very young when Elvis passed away, and have loved him for many years and now I have found someone who brings Elvis back to us! And besides his heartfelt and touching tribute, Ben is a very nice man and so gracious to his fans! I am so grateful for him and we as devoted Elvis fans are sure very lucky to have Ben! And I just love the meet and greet after his shows, he is so amazing that he spends a lot of time with fans after a concert, and I thank him for being so sweet and just being Ben! Thank you for all that you do Ben, You are the best!

Laura from Vermont - July 2015

During Elvis Week my husband and I saw Ben perform the '70's Elvis at the New Daisy Theater in Memphis, TN on Aug. 9th, 2015. It was breathtaking. I saw other Elvis impersonator's while we were in Memphis, but only Ben moved me to tears with American Trilogy and rocked me to Polk Salad Annie and Suspicious Minds. Ben controls the stage with the same charm, charisma, confidence and sexuality that Elvis was so noted for. If he sings like Elvis, moves like Elvis, looks like Elvis, well then, it must be Ben Portsmouth. Thank you, Ben, for Keepin' It Alive. Rock on

Holly from Ohio - August 2015

Saw Ben last night at Cliffs Pavilion at Westcliffe. Wow! What a show! I have seen many tribute acts but Ben is a different class. An amazing voice and great backing band. The show was 2 and a half hours long and you could see that Ben had put everything into the performance. A must see for any Elvis fan! Can not recommend enough. Thank you, Ben, for the fantastic evening.

Paula Sillet - January 2016

I have seen a lot of tribute bands over the years and I have to say that Ben's show stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Ben is an absolute star and long may he continue to fly the TCB flag.

Peter Crick - UK- August 2016